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Architectural Services

Through our affiliate, Northern Architectural Design Group, we can offer a wide variety of architectural and engineering services for schools, commercial and office space, historic preservation projects, industrial facilities, state and municipal projects, public housing, hotels & resorts, churches, and urban & town planning.

  • Program Development and Space Planning
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master planning and Urban planning
  • Site Planning and Design
  • Construction Documents and Specifications
  • Permit Applications
  • Construction Administration

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Budgeting and Planning

Project Analysis

Right-Trak Design can assist with your budgeting and planning needs. There are many elements which go into the successful completion of a project. All of them will affect the bottom line in one way or another. We can review plans & specifications, construction documents, licenses & permits, contracts and contractors to determine whether or not they are satisfactory with respect to the successful execution of your project.

Budget Review

Right-Trak Design can make a comparison of the proposed budget with regional and national averages to determine if the established projections will be adequate to complete the project as designed.

Construction Schedule

Timing is critical to the successful completion of a project and Right-Trak Design can help you with determining the approximate length of a project as well as the appropriate beginning and ending dates. Important items such as existing conditions, level of occupancy, time of year, available manpower and lead times for materials are taken into consideration.

Capital Needs Assessments


The Capital Needs Assessment will:
  • Review the physical condition of each site and structure within the development.
  • Determine the capital improvement needs of facilities, equipment, systems and structural elements over a 15-year period, including non-dwelling components such as parking lots, landscaping, and common areas.
  • Incorporate resident and staff concerns and recommendations with regard to capital improvement needs.
  • Estimate the projected costs of recommended capital improvements, major repairs, and replacement of appliances, taking into account such variables as regional price differences and standard rate of inflation.


The On-Site Inspection will:
  • Evaluate the overall condition of the site and structures and to identify deficiencies involving life safety, replacement, and maintenance issues.
  • Include the review each representative type of rental unit sufficient to identify individual interior improvement needs
  • Include a review of all common areas and building exteriors.
  • Incorporate information from blueprints, project manuals, personal recollection and other forms of historical data.


The Written Review will:
  • Present work items as they relate to the current status and condition of the property.
  • Incorporate descriptive text with supporting spreadsheets, graphs and summaries.
  • Include Site Conditions, Interior and Exterior Architectural Elements, Mechanical & Electrical Systems, and Dwelling Units.
  • Reserve first priority for those expenditures that benefit the health and safety of tenants.
  • Assign second priority to expenditures for previously deferred cost of maintenance or replacement.
  • Give third priority to those expenditures that would help to reduce operating expenses.


The Written Review will also:
  • Project the anticipated repair or replacement costs, with inflation, to assist in developing an appropriate budget.
  • Project major maintenance expenses as well as capital expenses for replacement and improvements.
  • Forecast the year-end amount of the Replacement Reserve for each year based upon the anticipated funding structure and expenditures.
  • Include a schedule of forecasted expenses entitled “Exhibit I – List of Work Items” which lists the anticipated year that replacement or maintenance is to be performed.
  • Include as Exhibit II a “Yearly Cost Form Summary” showing the annual expenditures for the term of the report.

Construction Administration

We can help with your construction administration and management needs. We have extensive experience in all phases of project development and administration including the resources to:


  • Prepare bidding and contract documents insuring that proper procedures are met.
  • Qualify and recommend contractors.
  • Supervise construction while ensuring that all applicable federal and local requirements are satisfied.
  • Inspect the construction as necessary and at completion, and provide a one-year follow up inspection.
  • Perform project needs assessments between the client and architect.
  • Review drawings and specifications to verify that the needs of the client are satisfied.
  • Perform wage rate interviews to verify all payrolls are within approved contract wage rates.

Facilities Consulting

Facilities consulting is a practical, hands-on approach to determining the ways and means of bringing an existing facility up to acceptable standards. A thorough examination and review will help to determine the immediate and long-term requirements and serve as a basis for establishment of a maintenance and repair schedule as well as a budget to properly fund the recommended improvements.

A properly maintained facility contributes greatly to the quality of life of the occupants. As existing facilities age they become increasingly obsolete and eventually the day to day operation of physical, mechanical and service-oriented systems becomes less and less cost-effective.

Right-Trak Design has extensive experience in the field of Facilities Consulting and can offer extended evaluation assistance such as an Annual Maintenance Plan, Capital Needs Assessment or Architectural Services. Contact us to discuss your particular needs.

Preventive Maintenance

It has been recognized for years that a more systematic and comprehensive approach to routine maintenance and long-term cost management can be effectively handled by a scheduled maintenance approach. The answer to the needed organization is in the development of an Annual Preventive Maintenance Program.

The goal of the Annual Preventive Maintenance Program is to increase the productivity and life expectancy of equipment and furnishings to reduce breakdowns, overtime and costs. Preventative maintenance, when properly administered and staffed, can alleviate many problems within the maintenance branch of the organization and make better use of limited maintenance resources, staff and funds.

The Annual Preventive Maintenance Program provides direction and control allowing the user to operate within the parameters of its operating budget, non-routine expenditures and approved State and Federal Grants. It establishes a simple, comprehensive system to ensure that all equipment that requires periodic maintenance receives it and that all periodic maintenance is performed on an established schedule.

The Annual Preventive Maintenance Plan undergoes regular progress reviews (at least monthly) of the work accomplished, service levels attained, expenditures to date, and any work still to be done (regular and preventive). All changes, emergencies or extraordinary work items that have taken place since the last assessment will also be reviewed. Any discrepancies between the plan and the month’s activities will be corrected. The plan may be also be altered if unforeseen or emergency events occur.

Our program provides written standards for job classifications and personnel evaluation, maintenance priorities and procedures, dwelling unit maintenance and administration, site maintenance, janitorial standards, policies and procedures. All areas of concern are supported with sample forms and reports.

Specifications and Design

All Specifications and Design are computer generated and utilize today’s technology. The preview and approval process is greatly enhanced using modern means of communication such as fax and e-Mail. Blueprints can be reduced to 11×17 for inclusion in manuals on smaller projects such as kitchens and bathrooms or reproduced at 24×36 for larger projects such as complete buildings or site work.

Our development team can produce construction drawings and a specification manual for your project, either as part of an overall Project Management package, or as a stand alone function. We also have the experience and expertise to produce floor plans for new construction or remodeling of retail establishments such as drug stores, convenience stores and supermarkets.

The following is a partial list of possible projects:

  • Complete Building Rehabilitation
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling
  • Door and Window Replacement
  • Roof and Siding Replacement
  • Site Reconfiguration and Restoration
  • Convenience Store Concept Plans
  • Supermarket Renovations

Specifications in the project manuals are assembled using the 16-division Master Format, the undisputed industry standard for specifications organization and format developed by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI).

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